Chathan Driehuys

Software Developer

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About Me

Hi, I'm Chathan Driehuys, a software developer from North Carolina. I build performant software with focuses on correctness through automation and efficient developer experiences.

Outside of work, I enjoy rock climbing, disc golfing, video gaming, and working on my pilot's license.


  • Capital One – Software developer creating a platform for running ETL jobs using Python and Spark.
  • Salesforce – Full stack web developer on the notifications team. We provided notifications APIs to both internal and external consumers for Slack, desktop, and mobile targets.
  • SAS – Full stack web developer for SAS Intelligent Decisioning. We built a web app allowing users to build data pipelines represented as a flowchart that could then be published as executable code to various targets.

Contact Me

I am not currently looking for new work. Please do not contact me regarding such opportunities.