Sometimes I write about random things that I found interesting or had trouble with. I am by no means an expert on most of the content here, but I find it interesting so maybe others will too.

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Building a LightDM Webkit Greeter Theme

Building a theme for lightdm-webkit2-greeter.

My First Flight Lesson

My experiences during my first flight lesson.

Replacing the Fans on a UniFi Switch 24 Poe 250w

Replacing the fans on a UniFi switch to reduce noise.

Upgrading the Home Network

My experience overhauling my home network through overkill and excess.

My Introduction to Home Networking

How a simple wifi upgrade took me down the rabbit hole that is home networking.

Routing an AWS Registered Domain to Netlify

Troubleshooting DNS records, specifically nameservers, when attempting to use Netlify’s managed DNS for a domain registered through Route 53.